Man Cured Mystery Illness With Raw Meat Diet

by Kathy Jones on Oct 3 2013 7:48 PM

 Man Cured Mystery Illness With Raw Meat Diet
An American man switched to a paleolithic diet to treat his mystery illness, that killed his appetite and made him puke everything he ate.
During an interview with, Derek Nance, from Lexington, Kentucky, said that doctors suspected that he had a certain allergy, so he changed his diet and cut out wheat and dairy.

According to the site, the new diet did not work as Lance was still losing weight, so he tried a Mediterranean diet and eventually became a vegan, but nothing cured his disease.

Soon after, Lance switched to a carnivorous version of the Paleolithic diet on the suggestion of another man, who had similar symptoms.

Lance asserted that the raw meat diet, which includes lamb, fat, rotten meat, clotted blood and sheep organs worked, and he is now healthier than ever.

Lance, who recently become a butcher, added that he even brushes his teeth with animal fat.