by Vishnuprasad on  October 23, 2015 at 2:29 PM Organ Donation News
Kerala Government Plans Outcome-registry to Raise Awareness About Organ Donation
The Kerala government has decided to launch an outcome-registry to create awareness among people about results of organ transplantations.

According to the Kerala Network of Organ Sharing (KNOS), the state government's nodal agency for organ retrieval and sharing, the outcome-registry would be a separate website with details of health status of patients who undergo organ transplantation.

Officials with the health department said the outcome registry would be operational within one month and it is now being run on a trial basis.

"An outcome or survival registry is compulsory in all developed countries in connection with organ transplantation initiatives. But there is no such mandatory system in India. We are trying to introduce such a system in our state which will make the health delivery system more transparent and accountable," KNOS nodal officer Dr. Noble Gracious told PTI.

Most private hospitals and organ transplant centers charge heavily for organ transplantations, but there is no effective system at present for people to evaluate their performance and the survival rate of patients.

"In many western countries, at least five year survival rate of patients is a must for hospitals or transplant centres to function. However, there are some hospitals in our country which claim hundred per cent results without giving any evidence to prove their claim," Dr. Gracious said.

The new registry would function as a performance appraisal agency for hospitals and transplant centers.

Source: Medindia

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