IPhone App can Screen for Skin Cancer

by Kathy Jones on Jan 22 2011 9:13 PM

 IPhone App can Screen for Skin Cancer
Your iPhone could be turned into a skin cancer scanning gadget by using a new product available on the market known as Handyscope.
The handyscope attachment provides your iPhone camera with a magnifying power of 20x and comes with an app that could be used to check whether the person is suffering from skin cancer.

The app is also used to store the images and could be used to show it to other dermatologists in order to get a second opinion.

According to the product page, the handyscope comes with a slot in which the iPhone is to be fixed. The camera lens is to be positioned directly on the patients’ skin and the inbuilt LEDs illuminate the skin with polarized light. The iPhone can then take an image of the underneath skin which can be magnified up to 20x and studied to check the important details.