by Savitha C Muppala on  July 30, 2010 at 11:30 PM Obesity News
 Interactive Weight Management Website Does Wonders to Keep Weight Off
It has been observed that logging on to an interactive weight management website helps keep the weight off.

That's the conclusion of a Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research study published online in the open access Journal of Medical Internet Research.

The study evaluated an Internet-based weight maintenance intervention involving 348 participants. Consistent website users who logged on and recorded their weight at least once a month for two-and-a-half years maintained the most weight loss, the study found.

"Consistency and accountability are essential in any weight maintenance program. The unique part of this intervention was that it was available on the Internet, whenever and wherever people wanted to use it," said study lead author Kristine L. Funk, MS, RD, a researcher at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research in Portland, Ore.

"This study shows that if people use quality weight management websites consistently, and if they stick with their program, they are more likely to keep their weight off," said study co-author Victor J. Stevens, PhD, co-author and senior investigator at the Kaiser Permanente Center for Health Research. "Keeping weight off is even more difficult than losing it in the first place, so the fact that so many people (in the study) were able to maintain a good portion of their weight loss is very encouraging to us."

Source: ANI

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