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 First World Day-European Day of Organ Donation in Germany
Frankfurt, September 03, 2009. The World Day/European Day of Organ Donation will take place for the first time in Germany this year. A unique event highlighting organ donation has been organized to attract Berliners and visitors to the Brandenburg Gate on October 4, 2009. Famous artists, bands and celebrities will entertain the audience and numerous booths offer information and activities for kids and adults. The motto is: "You have the power to donate life - be an organ donor".

The main attraction is an open air concert in front of the Brandenburg Gate featuring famous musicians and bands like John Lee's Barclay James Harvest, Karat, Jeanette & Band, Stanfour, and Markus & die NDW Revue. The musicians are going to fire up the audience so that nobody will feel cold - even with the expected autumn temperatures. The programme will be presented live on stage by well-known German TV hosts Cherno Jobatey and Dennis Wilms. The musical programme is interspersed with short live talks, interviews and video statements by experts, transplant recipients, donor families and celebrities.

The public event in Berlin is organized by the Deutsche Stiftung Organtransplantation and its international partners including the World Health Organization, Fairtransplant, and the Council of Europe. Our aim is to raise public awareness about organ donation and motivate everybody to make a decision. The programme offers entertainment and information as well as active participation. There will be sports activities and huge walk-in organs. Numerous organizations and patient self-help groups have information booths along Stra'e des 17. Juni and will answer all your questions related to organ donation and transplantation.

The World Day of Organ Donation aims at drawing attention to the worldwide shortage of donor organs. On the other hand, the event also provides a platform for experts from all continents, who exchange ideas and identify new strategies to promote organ donation through improved coordination of international activities and cooperation. While the venues were in Asia and South America in recent years, the focus is again on Europe after Geneva hosted the event in 2005. The need for improving public information and awareness is still high in Germany. This is also highlighted by a recent survey showing that although over 80 percent of German citizens are willing to donate their organs only 17 percent have an organ donor card.

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