Film Critic Calls to Boycott Films With Explicit Sex Scenes of Young Girls

by VR Sreeraman on Sep 21 2008 1:25 PM

Movieguide founder Ted Baehr has joined the ranks of protestors fighting against two movies featuring sexually explicit scenes involving two young girls.

Baehr along with other protestors called for a box office boycott of the films "Hounddog", starring 14-year-old Dakota Fanning and "Towelhead", starring 18-year-old Summer Bishil.

In "Hounddog", Fanning was depicted as a pre-teen girl who was raped, and the movie drew controversy when it appeared at the Sundance Film Festival last year.

In "Towelhead" Bishil was portrayed as a 13-year-old girl who experiences her sexual awakening on screen.

The two movies are said to be inappropriate, as they are not only damaging to the child actresses filming the explicit scenes, but to the public as well.

"This is abhorrent and abusive," Fox News quoted Baehr, who is also the chairman of the Christian Film and Television Commission, as saying.

"We are calling on people to avoid these movies, to tell other people not to see it.

"There are two sides of it. The side of actual abuse to the actress and promoting or condoning these activities," he said.

Family and women's groups have been especially active in North Carolina, where the controversial child-rape scene in "Hounddog" was filmed.

Baehr said "Hounddog" received nearly 400,000 dollars in tax credits funded by state citizens.

"In this economic condition I don't think most taxpayers want their taxes misused to provide for paedophilia," Baehr stated.

"It's also a problem for people susceptible to sex and violence. You don't want to give them the scripts to that behaviour," he added.

Baehr joined the "No More Child Porn" campaign, run by Donna Miller, the Fayetteville, N.C., chapter leader of Concerned Women for America. (ANI)