Expert Warns of Kidney Damage from Metals in Drugs

by Thilaka Ravi on Feb 17 2012 7:06 PM

Expert Warns of Kidney Damage from Metals in Drugs
‘Metals forming part of drugs in both allopathic and alternate medicine and industrial and occupational exposure to metals can cause partial or total and temporary or permanent damage to kidney,’ said Dr.Sharda G.Sabnis, Consultant Nephrologist and former Chief of Nephrology, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology, Washington, while delivering the Pathology Department Oration at Sri Ramachandra University, South India here today.
Metals are a component in medicines used to cure rheumatoid arthritis, psychiatric illness, cancer therapy, syphilis and also in various diuretics.  Metals are also used to make skin ointments, laxatives as well as some toothpowders.  Industrial and occupational exposure to metals can affect people working in metal industry and metallurgy, galvanizing, smelting of non ferrous ores such as gold and copper.  Heavy metals harm the kidney with direct effect on cellular components, cause immunologic injury and functional changes.  Renal changes are often non-specific and clinical correlation is very necessary, Dr.Sabnis added.

The 5th Endowment oration of the Department of Pathology on Environmental Pathology of Metal Exposure delivered by Dr. Sharda G.Sabnis and attended by national and international experts, has been organized as part of a two day international update and CME programme sponsored by Medical Council of India and Indian Council of Medical Research said Dr.Sarah Kuruvilla, Professor and HOD, Department of Pathology, Sri Ramachandra University in her welcome address.