by Rukmani Krishna on  November 30, 2013 at 11:36 PM Lifestyle News
 Ever Felt Uncomfortable While Flying Due to Bad Seats? Adjustable Seats Will Help Change This
"The Morph", an form of adjustable seating that changes according to the size of the person occupying it, or even the amount of room that they desire was created by London-based company Seymourpowell.

As per the promotional video, two sheets of fabric are stretched across the width of an entire row, and over a movable frame, which is held in place by armrests and upper dividers to form three individual hammock seats.

The fabric can be tailored to fit the person sitting in it, while the dividers slide from side to side, allowing the airline to make some seats wider.

It says that the aircraft can be arranged by the willingness and ability to pay for space, blurring the boundaries between the classes, moving quickly from a high density economy ticket to a lower density more premium ticket

It adds that passengers can choose to pay for a big seat, one that fits them.

Premium passengers can relax in space big enough to sleep, or work in privacy.

Even families travelling together can tune their seat according to size for example, mum, dad and infant could pre-book a large, medium and small seat, where children or smaller passengers could trade space for a cheaper ticket.

Source: ANI

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