by Savitha C Muppala on  August 1, 2010 at 12:09 AM Environmental Health
 Eco-friendly Way of Decomposing BPA-containing Plastic
BPA (bisphenol A) containing plastic is undoubtedly dangerous to the environment but scientists have now discovered an eco-friendly way of decomposing the plastic waste.

Mukesh Doble and Trishul Artham pre-treated polycarbonate with ultraviolet light and heat and exposed it to three kinds of fungi.

The scientists found that fungi grew better on pre-treated plastic, using its BPA and other ingredients as a source of energy and breaking down the plastic.

After 12 months, there was almost no decomposition of the untreated plastic, compared to substantial decomposition of the pre-treated plastic and zero release of BPA.

The new study is published in ACS' Biomacromolecules.

Source: ANI

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