Eat Your Apple in the Right Way

by Kathy Jones on Nov 18 2013 7:36 PM

 Eat Your Apple in the Right Way
A food website has released a new video, which reveals that it is possible to eat a whole apple without worrying about the core.
In the video 'How to Eat Apples Like a Boss' by Foodbeast, a person can be seen eating an apple starting at the bottom, proceeding to up to the top, The Atlantic reported.

However, the seeds are supposed to be spitted out, as they contain a substance called amygdalin, which can release a small amount of hydrogen cyanide when digested.

Americans are said to waste 30 percent of their apples at 1.30 dollars per pound, which comes to about 13.2 billion dollars wasted annually, thrown in the trash or fed to pigs.