Court Raps Women for Preventing Husband from Donating Liver to Father

by VR Sreeraman on Nov 4 2007 2:02 PM

Court Raps Women for Preventing Husband from Donating Liver to Father
Can a woman prevent her husband from making a sacrifice out of affection for his parents because this would in turn affect her life? Faced with the ethical question, the Andhra Pradesh High Court said no and dismissed a woman's petition seeking to stop her husband from donating his liver to his father.
In a significant judgement, the high court Thursday rejected software professional Sumakiran Mallena's plea. Mallena, who works for a city firm, approached the court on the ground that the act by her 29-year-old husband Nagasayana Baki would affect his health and in turn affect her life.

Nagasayana, a telecom engineer in Minneapolis, US, wants to donate a portion of his liver to his father B.G.K. Prasad, who is suffering from liver cirrhosis and is currently under treatment at Delhi's Apollo Indraprastha Hospital. He flew in from the US on Oct 20 and is presently in Delhi.

"My life will be doomed... in the land of disease and misery and my husband's action will offend my right to life and liberty," Sumakiran had said in her petition while contending that parental affection should be kept under check after a person gets married.

The court not only dismissed her petition but also said that she ignored the fundamental reality that her husband owed his existence on this earth to his parents. It said nobody could limit or control the mutual affection between parents and children.

"It is the selfless sacrifices of the parents that make a child grow and prosper in every respect," said Justice C.V. Nagarjuna Reddy in his judgement.

The judge said the petitioner did not seem to be conscious of the fact that she herself was a prospective parent and might be in the same position.


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