Chinese Pet Shop Offers Tattooed Fish to Woo Luck!

by VR Sreeraman on Aug 18 2009 3:03 PM

"Fortune fish" tattooed with patterns and characters are being offered in pet shops in a city in southwest China for those looking to woo luck.

The Qingshiqiao pet market in Chengdu is selling a variety of fish decorated with flowers, rainbows and characters meant to bring their owners good fortune and happiness.

According to the Huaxi Metropolis Daily, tropical parrot fish were usually used for tattooing, which was apparently done through lasers, reports the Daily Telegraph.

An ordinary parrot fish was said to be priced at just 10 yuan while a tattooed one could fetch at least 25 yuan.

It was further said that a set of four fish tattooed with the characters for "Good Fortune", "Luck", "Long Life," and "Happiness" could come with a tag of 120 yuan.