Cancerous Eye Tumor Revealed in Holiday Snap

by Kathy Jones on Jun 2 2010 7:27 PM

 Cancerous Eye Tumor Revealed in Holiday Snap
Ewan Border is a lucky toddler after his life was probably saved when a cancerous tumour in his right eye was spotted in a holiday photograph.
Ewan was two when the snap was taken and nothing untoward would have been noticed, but for his grandmother, who made a fuss over a white spot in his eye in one of the pictures.

"My mum saw the photo of Ewan and remembered reading about a child with a similar condition. She was worried that he might have the same thing and it made us look into getting him help quickly," Ewan's mom Samantha told the Mirror. She added that their GP referred them to the Royal London Hospital where the tumor was diagnosed.

Ewan had retinoblastoma, which meant that his eye had to be removed, but his life was saved. Ewan's gran Beverley Warner said she had read a story about retinoblastoma and hence made all the fuss.


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