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 British Family Mansion Wrecked as Daughter's Friends Run Amok at Dream Birthday Party
A British family's £4.4 million Spanish home is in ruins now, thanks to the birthday party hosted by the daughter. The girl has since been "grounded."

Joadie Hudson, 16, had sent out invites through social networking sites Facebook and Bebo.

The girl, a pupil at the Sotogrande International School, a boarding school 90 km west of Malaga, even invited guests to stay at house overnight.

She wrote on her online site: "Heyy (sic) this is an invite to my bday house party. It starts at 9 finishes at 3 and people can stay over if they need to.

"If people need lifts then that's fine just let me know. Theres gone (sic) be a lot of alcohol an (sic) amazing dj.

Directions to my hpouse (sic) will be put on bebo."

Hundreds thronged and, by the end of the night, the house "looked like a war zone" with £6,000 worth of jewellery and clothes looted by some of the guests, and televisions thrown in the swimming pool.

Jodie's mother Amanda, a real estate agent who had agreed to the party, was in the house at the time but had no idea how many people would descend on her home.

As things went out of control, Jodie's mother called the police. Officers arrived at the house shortly after midnight.

One partygoer said: "People scarpered in all directions, but the police managed to pull people over and search their bags and pockets, but it was already too late and a lot was gone.

"Somebody said that we were allowed to wreck the house because the birthday girl's parents were getting divorced and there were kids behaving like gangsters from a rap video, throwing stuff around and smashing things. There were chairs, tables, even a TV in the pool."

The house in the exclusive El Paraiso development has been on the market for 5.6m euros. Howeve the villa, which rents out for £4,000 per week in the summer season, was completely trashed and will now be unable to rent in the coming months.

But the girl remained unrepentant - In the words of Jodie on her Bebo page after the event: 'There's so much damage and clothes stolen. A lot of broken doors. people cauight (sic) having sex.' Still it was fabulous for her.

And she seemed unrepentant about the chaos she caused. She wrote,  'I got punched by my mum for it and grounded until the summer. wat a a ....!'

Mrs Hudson, originally from Liverpool, is separated from her Scottish born husband and lives permanently in the Costa del Sol.

She only seemed to be worried about the extent of the damage and that she would not be able to get it repaired before the summer.

Mrs Hudson told a friend. "All the bannisters have been broken. The walls are ruined, the carpets are destroyed, furniture is broken and it is going to take months to sort out."

"Amanda is still furious with her daughter. In fact she hasn't spoken to her since," the friend was quoted as saying.

When contacted, Mrs Hudson played down the furore. 'Jodie had up to 400 people, but she knows a lot of people,' she said.

'With a party that size you are always going to end up with some damage.'

Asked about Jodie's comments on Bebo, she said: 'I don't know what she has written on her site, and I'm not saying anything else.'

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