by Tanya Thomas on  August 9, 2008 at 2:19 PM Diet & Nutrition News
Britain Rates Its Veggies: Carrot a Clear Favourite!
The latest "Who's Who" list has been released. The dignitaries? - Vegetables! Yes, the Brits have elected their most favorite veggie and the humble carrot has clinched the #1 spot!

The root vegetable was closely followed by potato, reports The Scotsman.

Broccoli came third, while sweet corn came fourth in the survey of 3,000 food lovers.

Parsnips - the classic Sunday roast accompaniment - came fifth in the list of Brits' most loved veggie.

The top 5 Brits' 'Best-Loved Veggies' are:

1 Carrot

2 Potato

3 Broccoli

4 Sweet corn

5 Parsnips

Source: ANI

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