by Rukmani Krishna on  July 26, 2012 at 9:39 PM Cancer News
 Brit-Indian Doc Beat Terminal Cancer Using Disused Drug
After bring diagnosed with terminal cancer, an Indian-origin doctor who held his own 'wake' said that he beat the disease after taking a disused drug.

According to The Daily Mail, doctors said that Rami Seth, 70, could just live for weeks when he was diagnosed with four 10p-sized tumours in his liver in 2005.

The father-of-two, who worked as a GP and surgeon for 40 years, threw his own wake for 200 family and friends so he could 'say goodbye'.

But after speaking to a colleague about cancer treatments he took a disused anti-cancer drug, called beta interferon, which shrank the tumours making it easier for surgeons to remove it.

Seth, an expert in urology at City Hospital in Nottingham, said: "The tumours were too big and they were inaccessible for surgery. There was only one outcome and when I was told they were inoperable I knew it was game over".

"I had a few weeks to live and that was it. I wanted to say goodbye to my friends and family so I held my own wake,' he added.

Incredibly, 10 months after taking the drug three times a week, Seth went underwent a surgery where surgeons successfully removed the tumours.

Source: ANI

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