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Brighten Your Holidays! Tips to Stay Away from Seasonal Allergies During Winter
As the holiday season is nearing, people with asthma and allergies must remain cautious. Seasonal changes affect many people but asthma patients must extremely be careful as it can trigger new infections.

People who are allergic to environmental factors like mold, dust and pollen must also be careful during this holiday season. Therefore, an expert from the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI) advises on the ways one can deal with allergies and asthma challenges they may face over the holidays.

"Two-thirds of allergy sufferers have symptoms year-round, so it's not just a matter of the first freeze hitting and your symptoms disappearing. Even after the pollen season dies down, there are environmental triggers to deal with -- things like mold, dust and pet dander. The winter holidays can bring a whole new set of triggers," said Dr. Bryan Martin, president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology (ACAAI).

Experts suggest that people with asthma should always cover their mouth and nose with a scarf or face mask while going outside. If they are traveling, medicines along with warm winter clothes must be added to their baggage. Opt for allergy-free rooms and carry injectable epinephrine along with two injectors during your trip.

Christmas shopping is one of the most important thing during this holiday season. Be careful when you buy artificial Christmas tree, decorations and ornaments. They may be covered with dust and pollen that may trigger sneezing, nasal infections like cough and cold.

Getting a natural Christmas tree can also have some risks as there are chances for the presence of mold and pollen on it that can trigger allergies. Stored ornaments and decorations in the attic may contain dust which can easily enter the nose. Soak and rinse them well using a soap solution and dry them thoroughly before putting them in your Christmas tree.

When preparing meals, ensure that you buy properly labeled foods and also avoid trying new foods. Plan a meal after discussing with your family members so that everyone can relish it without any fear of allergic reactions.

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