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Book Claims Most Aussie Men are Sexist
A book containing scores of terrible things that Australian men have said about women will be published this week. The book, described by its authors as a "portfolio of piggery", is an anthology of toxic insults and casual put-downs compiled from more than a decade of Australian public life.

It also contains the comments made by Aboriginal Olympic sprinter Cathy Freeman's former boyfriend Nick Bideau about her, reports the Telegraph.

"I never turned away from Cathy. No matter how fat she was," the book quotes him as saying. The tome also carries the remark on the trial of pregnancy that Joe Hockey, a government minister, once made.

"Well, it's exhausting for me, her being pregnant. I don't know why, during the birth process they only focus on the women. What about the men standing there? I mean, that's pretty hard. Well, as long as they get the cricket in the hospital," he had said.

The newspaper reports the book is the culmination of a tongue-in-cheek contest started in 1993, when a group of women gathered in Sydney to celebrate the retirement of a notoriously sexist trade union official named Ernie.

The gathering gave rise to the annual Ernie Awards, "the world's premier event shaming men for outrageous sexism".

Subtitled '1,000 terrible things Australian men have said about women', The Ernies Book features quotes from sportsmen, businessmen, journalists and politicians. It even includes Prime Minister John Howard's remarks.

Source: ANI

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