by Hannah Punitha on  November 26, 2008 at 4:27 PM Lifestyle News
 Bloomberg Makes Greening New York a Priority!
New York's Great White Way turned a shade greener Tuesday as Broadway announced plans for making theaters more environmentally sound.

Broadway leaders joined Mayor Michael Bloomberg at the Eugene O'Neill Theater to commit to wider efforts meant to reduce the city's carbon footprint by a third over two decades, the mayor's office said.

Switching light bulbs in the dazzling street displays, recycling stage scenery, and washing costumes in cold water are some of the steps promised by theater-land.

"Nearly a quarter of Broadway theaters have already switched the theaters' marquee lights to more energy-efficient bulbs and the remaining theaters have pledged to do so within the next 12 months," Bloomberg said.

"By this time next year, the lights on Broadway will burn just as bright, but the energy bills and our city's carbon output will be lower," he said.

"This commitment will raise the level of awareness... and that's going to have an impact that reverberates far beyond the Big Apple."

Bloomberg has made greening New York a priority, although he has failed so far to push through fuel-efficiency standards for the city's huge yellow cab taxi fleet.

Source: AFP

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