Better Health Care With One Form

by Vanessa Jones on Mar 19 2013 10:28 AM

 Better Health Care With One Form
The time spent in waiting rooms of physician’s offices may soon be cut short by a simple health care reform in Michigan.
Physicians in Michigan have been working for the past year with policy makers on legislation for the insurance companies, to work with the Health Insurance Commissioner, to develop a single form for prior authorization.

At present most prior authorization forms ask for almost identical information in unique formats by the 150 health insurance companies in Michigan. Many of them cannot be submitted electronically.

Doctors and their staff spend a lot of time sorting through thousands of pages of these forms while trying to juggle the different submission methods of different insurance companies for the same task.

These forms add to administrative burdens and increase the patients wait times. By creating a single, universal prior authorization form - it can allow the physicians to focus on patients needs, without the red tape. This reform can be a great help to both physicians and patients.

These bills have come about with the cooperation and talks among physicians, patients, insurance companies and lawmakers. They can result in better and quicker care for patients and a simpler access to authorized prescriptions.

Now Gov. Rick Snyder and lawmakers can bring in the change.


Hannah Punitha (IRDA Licence Number: 2710062)

Dr John Bizon, March 2013