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Help With Website Submission

Websites listed on Medindia are suggested to us by our members. The category and subcategory classification are also suggested by them. Sometimes these may be incorrect and we would appreciate a  feedback from our members or visitors.

Follow the simple steps outlined to submit a medical/health website (URL) to medindia. Before submitting your website please check if your website is already listed on Medindia by using the following steps:

Step 1 : Choose the appropriate category 
Step 2 : Choose the appropriate sub category 
Step 3 :  If your website/ webpage  is not found follow the steps given below

How to Add Medical Website/webpages  on Medindia

To add your website or webpages details on Medindia please follow the instructions mentioned below:  

Step 1 : Click the Link Add website / URL.
Step 2 : Choose the appropriate category.
Step 3 : Choose the appropriate sub-category.
Step 4 : Enter Title of the Page eg - Health Website
Step 5 : Enter the Website address as follows:
Step 6 : Provide description of  your website using a maximum of 150 characters.
Step 7 : Give your contact name and e-mail address so that the information can be cross-checked.
Step 8 : Click Add website button and your website will be added 

Please do not add adult or pornographic websites. Kindly cross check the information before final submission. If the information is found to be incorrect, it will be not accepted. Link pages can also be similarly submitted from within the website under different category or subcategory.

Thank you for submitting your pages to medindia