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Dr. Saleem Mohammed

CEO and Co-founder of Xcode Life Sciences
Dr. Saleem leads Xcode's progress in the R&D space, guides strategic ideas around the field of bioinformatics, so people get the opportunity to explore the world of genomic tools and applications and avail the benefits of life science analytics.

Healthy Plan to Keep You Trim and Fit: Q&A With DNA Diet Expert

Staying healthy and fit can no longer simply be measured in terms of calories eaten and calories burned. Urbanization has brought with it a host of lifestyle diseases and disorders that call for a paradigm shift in how we plan for a lifetime of good health and peace of mind.

Dr. Saleem Mohammed, CEO and Co-founder of Xcode Life Sciences, tells Medindia how the company's Lifelong Wellness program helps individuals know from an analysis of their DNA, their predisposition to four major health issues threatening the world population today-diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases and stroke. Post DNA analysis, the clients are guided through a step-by-step process that prevents the onset of disease and disorders, helps them eat right and stay healthy for the rest of their lives....

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