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Liver performs several functions in the human body. A healthy liver is essential for optimum digestive health and proper metabolism. Liver also keeps the immune system healthy, eliminates toxins and stores several vital nutrients needed by the body. It also produces bile that aids in digestion.

Without a healthy liver human body can deteriorate fast. Liver diseases cause many other problems as liver supports almost all body parts in some way or the other.

Liver diseases can be caused by viruses. These are called Hepatitis A, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C. Other types of liver diseases can be due to cancer, genetics or excessive consumption of alcohol or drugs. Hemochromatosis is hereditary and cirrhosis is caused because of scar tissue formation. Jaundice also has many underlying causes such as blood diseases, other liver disorders, infections or medicine use.

Lethargy, acidity, loss of appetite and upper abdominal pain and yellowing skin are some of the first signs of a liver disorder.

Causes of liver diseases

Liver disorders could be because of many reasons like infections, hereditary issues, cancer, abnormalities in the immune system, alcohol abuse and excess fats in the liver.

• Infections through virus spread through bodily fluids. If a healthy person comes in contact with infected semen or blood, the result could be Hepatitis (A, B or C) depending on the viral infection.

Healthy Liver: Infection

• Cancer can be in the liver or in the bile duct. Then there is also hepatic adenoma, which is caused because of high levels of estrogen in the body.

• Faulty gene passed on through one or both parents can lead to liver damage and cause problems such as Wilson’s disease and Hemochromatosis.

• Primary sclerosing cholangitis and also autoimmune hepatitis are liver problems that arise due to faults in the immune system.

Home remedies for healthy liver

• Garlic

Garlic is a wonder food that helps in many health disorders including those of liver. Due to its high selenium content, garlic helps cleanse the liver. Garlic detoxifies the body and helps activate liver enzymes.

- Consume garlic cloves on an empty stomach to extract maximum benefit from this healthy food.

- Include garlic in meals though consuming raw garlic is more beneficial.

Healthy Liver: Garlic

• Indian gooseberry or amla, lemon and grapefruit

High content of vitamin C in limes and lemons, amla, grapefruits and all citrus fruits detoxify the body and aid liver functions.

- Drink juice of lemon with warm water to keep liver healthy.

- Eat one citrus fruit daily.

- Chew on amla pieces throughout the day or grate this berry to include in fresh salads, lentil dishes, yogurt or savory pancakes.

• Papaya

Fresh papaya can help with liver cirrhosis. Papaya seeds also make for a useful home remedy in this condition.

- Eat fresh papaya for breakfast every day. This can be a good lifelong healthy habit.

- Consume papaya juice mixed with lemon juice for a very effective remedy for cirrhosis.

- Extract juice of papaya seeds and have it with lemon juice.

Healthy Liver: Papaya

• Turmeric

Antiseptic and antioxidant properties of turmeric aid in good liver health.

- Consume turmeric with milk or honey.

- Use it in cooked meals as much as on a daily basis.

• Milk thistle

This herb is good natural remedy for good liver health. It also helps in the treatment of cirrhosis and aids in hepatitis infections as well.

- Brew tea from crushed milk thistle seeds and drink daily to maintain a healthy liver.

- Consume milk thistle powder every day after meals.

• Green tea and other concoctions

Green tea, licorice tea and dandelion root tea are effective natural remedies for liver problems.

- Brew the concoctions made from green tea or dandelion root powder or powdered licorice root and drink it a few times daily until liver functions improve.

- Include these as a part of your every day diet.

Healthy Liver: Green tea

• Avocado

This fat-rich food helps in the production of glutathione, which helps the liver detoxify the body.

- Eat the fruit as a snack or scoop out the fruit to use in salads.

- Use as a flavoring in desserts.

• Apples

Pectin in apples helps the release of toxins from the digestive track thereby reducing the workload of the liver.

- Eat apple after dinner or drink the juice at least 2-3 times a week for good liver health.

- Use apples in salads and desserts to increase its consumption.

Healthy Liver: Apple

• Cruciferous vegetables

Cauliflower and broccoli aid in enzyme production in the liver. These enzymes are necessary for flushing out carcinogens from the body and thus reduce risk of liver cancer.

- Eat raw or grilled broccoli.

- Eat lightly-cooked cauliflower seasoned with turmeric and mustard seeds.

• Other diet and lifestyle changes

- Consume olive oil or flaxseed oil in moderation.

- Reduce intake of wheat flour and refined foods.

- Eat vegetables like cabbage, carrots, beetroot and fresh leafy greens.

- Drink buttermilk and citrus juices.

- Consume sufficient water.

- Avoid alcohol and cigarettes.

- Exercise and remain physically active.

Healthy Liver: Diet

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