Top 10 Home Remedies for Body Odor

What is Body Odor?

Skin odor is an everyday problem faced by everyone. Antiperspirants and deodorants are chemical products that many of us use to combat sweat issues and control body odor. These highly advertised products with pleasant fragrances often come with harmful substances that may block the sweat glands or cause side effects to delicate skin. There are some effective methods in nature’s storehouse for eradicating body odor effectively and without harming the body.

What causes Body Odor?

Underarms and genitals are areas of the body that are laden with numerous Apocrine glands that secrete fatty sweat substances on which bacteria grow, producing deep pungent aroma. Moist and warm environments aid bacterial and fungal growth, providing them perfect temperatures to multiply. Some conditions like stress, anxiety, menstruation in women and anger cause increased sweating and therefore more odor. Some foods that are high in sulphur content like garlic and onions when eaten in high temperatures can make body odor stronger. Deficiency of some nutrients can hamper enzymatic activities in digestion, which in turn result in strong body odor. Naturally available remedies for body odor remove smell causing microbes, restore body enzymes and regulate sweating; thus keeping skin clean and healthy.

Home Remedies for Body Odor

  • Proper cleaning: Bathing and proper cleaning of body is necessary to avoid growth of bad smelling microorganisms. Bath at least once a day and dry yourself properly. Moist environments are best suited for bacterial growth. You can use few drops of essential oils in bathing water like lavender, jasmine or rosemary for fragrant and sweat free day naturally.

  • White vinegar: Vinegar lowers body pH that stops bacteria from multiplying as they cannot survive in acidic environment. Applying vinegar with cotton ball soaked in it to your underarms will leave your armpits fresh and free from bacteria. Use it after having shower and do not apply deodorant after it. Or you can add some drops of white vinegar in the bathing water and rinse your underarms with it. Do not apply it on recently shaved skin as it will cause a burning sensation.

  • Witch hazel: Witch hazel works exactly same as vinegar, lowering body pH and thus restricting the bacterial growth. Apply it directly over the armpits or spray a diluted solution in your underarms to get less sweaty and odor free underarms. You can apply deodorant after washing with it.

  • Lemon: For people, who are not satisfied with results of witch hazel or vinegar, try lemon! Rub lemon directly in your armpits and then rinse it with cool water, or mix some amount of lemon juice in bathing water to get a fresh, deodorized body. Lemon juice when mixed with baking soda reduces chronic body odor considerably. It is good remedy for them who sweat a lot or work in hot environments. Make a paste of it, apply before bathing and then rinse. Lemon causes sharp sensation on shaved skin so be careful while using it.

Lemon For Body Smell
  • Tea tree oil: Tea tree oil is derived from tea tree and has strong antiseptic nature. It is this antibacterial activity of it and the sweet smell it posses that it could rightly be used as a deodorant effectively. Tea tree oil removes bacteria from body and provides a healthy skin. Moreover it is not acidic in nature due to which it can be used over genitals too. Mix few drops of it with water and rinse your body with it. Apply it 2-3 times a day in case of persistent musty odors. Patch test before using it over whole body.

  • Wheat grass juice: Drinking wheat grass juice in empty stomach can get you relieved from strong body smells. However it should be taken in small diluted quantities first because it has a strong flavor and can give an unpleasant feeling. Mix 2 tsp of wheatgrass juice in 1 cup water and drink every morning.

Wheat Grass Juice for Body Odor
  • Homemade deodorizers: A mix of 4-5 essential oils can act as homemade deodorant that leave your body fragrant, sweat free and fresh. Mix lavender, sage, tea tree, pine and coriander essential oils. Add witch hazel to it and fill it in a spray bottle. Use this all natural remedy daily instead of harmful chemical deodorants.

  • Green veggies work: Chlorophyll is found to have deodorizing properties. Green leafy vegetables that are rich in chlorophyll regulate the fat levels in the sweat produced, thereby reducing the body odors. Including green foods such as cabbage, spinach, chard and kale eradicates the underlying cause of bad body odor. Or drink a parsley tea daily to reduce body odor significantly.

  • Natural fiber clothing: Wearing clothes that are light and made of natural fibers like cotton, silk or jute, that aren’t too tight is recommended. Synthetic polymer clothes do not allow air to pass through them making it impossible to reach internal areas like armpits and groin. Cotton clothes are breathable that allows air flow and so underarms and other areas are dry and moisture free. This reduces the bacterial growth and hence the body odor.

  • Healthy diet ensures proper digestion: It might look uncanny at first to compare digestive health with body odor. However, in some cases a change in food in-take might get rid of unpleasant body odor Depletion in necessary digestive enzymes such as mono-oxygenases can cause body odor. A diet rich in probiotic foods help keep the gut healthy and maintain all the necessary enzymes required for proper digestion of food.

Healthy Diet for Proper Digestion

Some lifestyle changes and following a naturally hygienic routine could help greatly in controlling body odor and reviving an otherwise lost confidence. Follow these simple home tricks and face the world with pride, Naturally!

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