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Vitamin E Rich Foods - Slideshow

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Vitamin E

Vitamin E, Vitamin E Rich Foods
Vitamins are amine compounds which perform important functions in our body, prevent cell damage and protect from illness. Vitamin E is a fat soluble amine that protects body against harmful effects of fat oxidation. It acts as an antioxidant preventing oxidative damage of cells and provides nutrition for vital body functions. It removes free radicals from the body and thus protects against various chronic diseases like heart disease, infections, Alzheimer's. Vitamin E deficiency could lead to nerve impulses, muscle weakness, macular degeneration and even serious neurological disorders like dementia.

What are the sources of Vitamin E?

Vitamin E is naturally found in many food items like vegetables, fruits, dairy products and animal products. Vitamin E supplements come as tablets or vitamin E oil containing capsules. Here are some foods that contain vitamin E.


Almonds, Vitamin E Rich Foods
Almonds are the most vitamin E rich food good for skin and hair. Regular almond oil massage or eating almonds provides necessary nutrition and hydration making skin look beautiful and slows down aging process. An ounce of almonds provides approx 7.4 mg of vitamin E. They can be consumed raw, as almond milk or almond oil.

Swiss Chard

Swiss Chard, Vitamin E Rich Foods
This green leafy vegetable is the richest vegetable source of vitamin E. It is full of vitamins and minerals and can provide about 17% of our daily required quantity of vitamin E. Apart from vitamin E it contains large quantities of Vitamin A, C and K. Cooked Swiss chard is the best way to naturally replenish body with a daily dose of vitamin E.


Spinach, Vitamin E Rich Foods
Spinach is another leafy veggie full of nutrients. It is abundant in calcium, iron, potassium and vitamins. It contains high amount of vitamin E so much so that one cup of boiled spinach can fulfill up to 20% of your daily vitamin E requirement. Adding spinach to your daily diet in the form of cooked vegetable, salad or spinach sandwich for your child will provide necessary vitamin E and keep you fit and healthy.

Plant Oils

Plant Oils, Vitamin E Rich Foods
Not only green leafy veggies but also certain plant oils are rich in vitamin E. Many plant seeds yield oil that contain vitamin E. Among them wheat germ oil is most abundant in vitamin E. Other plant oils like sunflower seed oil, olive oil, coconut oil, cottonseed oil are also good sources of vitamin E. Wheat germ oil is plentiful in vitamin E and 1 tablespoon of it can fulfill 100% of daily required amount of vitamin E. Cooking oils such as sunflower, olive and coconut oils are easy and effective means of having a vitamin E rich diet.


Kale, Vitamin E Rich Foods
Kale is an excellent, nutritious and dense vegetable that is high in vitamin and mineral content. It is also rich in vitamin E providing about 6% of its daily need when consumed 1 cup of cooked kale.

Mustard Greens

Like other green vegetables mustard greens are also very nutritious and high on vitamin content. They are good source of vitamins like folate, vitamin A, K, C and vitamin E. Mustard greens promote health largely and prevent many medical conditions. It is best to eat them cooked so as to get maximum benefits.


Hazelnuts, Vitamin E Rich Foods
We all love the flavor hazelnut gives to milk or ice cream. This tasty nutty snack is loaded with vitamin E. Drinking hazelnut milk or coffee provides necessary amount of vitamin to the body along with its rich flavor.

Pine Seeds

Pine nut oil, extracted from the edible seeds of pine is an excellent source of Vitamin E and good for skin and overall health.


Papaya, Vitamin E Rich Foods
Among the fruits having vitamin E papaya is the richest source. It is readily available and can be added to variety of dishes like salads and smoothies. It contains vitamin E and vitamin C in abundance among other essential nutrients. A ripe, fresh papaya can meet 17% of your daily recommended amount of vitamin E. Papaya is also beneficial for skin. Papaya face mask helps tighten your skin tissues and give them a fresh glow. The vitamin E in papaya and coconut milk hair mask enriches scalp and hair giving a lustrous shine to it.


Avocado, Vitamin E Rich Foods
Avocado is one fruit that has got myriad of health benefits owing to its highly nutritious nature. It is creamy, rich in oil content, delicious and very healthy. If you are in search for a health fruit with a savory taste to meet your vitamin E requirements then avocado is the answer. Its versatility as the mode of consumption makes it more favorable. Eat it raw, cooked, in salads, sandwiches or a thick shake everything tastes great.

It can also be made into facial masks and hair packs to improve skin texture and promote hair growth.

Fish and Shrimp

Fish and Shrimp, Vitamin E Rich Foods
Sea food is another healthy option for food with vitamin E in your daily diet. Fat containing fishes like salmon, tuna and mackerel are rich in vitamin E. Salmon is very nutritious and a half fillet can fulfill 35% of your required vitamin E amount. Shrimps and oysters are also high in vitamin E providing 5-7% of daily recommended dose.

Including sea food in diet improves muscle health, mental health, make skin and hair beautiful. They provide essential fatty acids and vitamins to the body and benefit overall health.

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