Last Updated on Feb 15, 2012


  • When object is lodged in the skin layers
  • It may be embedded superficially or deeply


  • Caused by glass
  • Wood splinters
  • Fiber glass 

  • Irritation
  • Pain
  • Abscess

  • Wash hands well
  • Clean the affected area using soap, water
  • If object is visible above skin, squeeze the area around
  • When object pops out, remove using sterile tweezer 
  • If embedded under skin, use a sterile needle
  • Sterilize needle by flaming/wiping with alcohol 
  • Use needle to break skin over affected area
  • Lift tip of the object
  • Use a small tweezer to pull it out
  • Gently squeeze the area and let bleed
  • Clean the area with soap, water. Pat dry
  • Apply an antibiotic
Steps to Avoid
  • Do not wet if the object is of wood
  • Wet wooden objects swell- becomes difficult to remove

Consult a doctor 
  • If the object is difficult to remove
  • If the object is close to a sensitive body part, like the eye 
  • In case of infection

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