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Klinefelter's Syndrome - Glossary

Last Updated on May 07, 2021
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Chromosomes: which is made up of the DNA or the blue print of life, carry the entire genetic code. It contains many genes. The chromosomes are located in the cell nucleus and consists of genes. In humans there are 23 pairs of chromosomes(i.e 46 chromosomes), each pair contains one chromosome from each parent, The chromosome has two arms, a short p arm and long q arm. The word 'chromosome, comes from the Greek word 'chroma' means 'color' and 'soma' means 'body'

Sex Chromosomes: There are 46 chromosomes in humans, of which two are the X and the Y(XX - in a female and XY in a male)

Chromosomal Disorders : A disorder caused by an abnormality in the number or structure of the chromosomes

Puberty : Onset of sexual maturity in a male or female child

Mosaic: An individual with two cell types or more, comprising of different chromosome number or structure

Genetic Counselling: A communicative procedure that undertakes to deal with the problems that rise in a family with the occurrence or the risk of occurrence of a genetic abnormality

Pedigree: A pedigree involves recording a family's history and making use of a standard set of symbols to represent the status of each member of the family

Allele: An allele is an alternative form of a gene loated on a given locus of a chromosome

Gene: Genes are located on the chromosomes and carry the information representing a protein

Chromosomes: Chromosomes are structures made up of DNA and proteins found in the cells of all organisms.The number of chromosomes is species- specific.In humans it is 46.

DNA: The DNA is the basic unit of heredity and is known as the blue print of life.It carries the genetic codes which stores the necessary information for all organisms.

Genotype: Genotype indicates the genetic constitution of an organism

Phenotype: Phenotype refers to the physical appearance of an organism which is controlled by the genotype and the enviornment

Haploid Cell: A cell having only one set of chromosomes, ie. 23 numbers in humans

Diploid Cell: Having two sets of chromosomes,46 numbers in humans

Hybrid: An offspring of parents belonging to two different species,example mule which is the offspring of a horse and donkey

Mutation: An inheritable change in the gene or the chromosome

Wild Type: An organism having a normal phenotype

Mutant: An organism harboring a mutation

Trisomy: A condition,which arises due to the presence of an extra chromosome.An example is Down syndrome, where the individual has an extra chromosome 21

Mitosis: A division by which the cells reproduce, wherein the resultant cells are the replica of the parent cell.

Meiosis: A special kind of cell division,called reduction division, that takes place in the testes and the ovaries, which produces eggs and sperms that are haploid

Consanguinous marriage: A marriage between two closely related individuals

Euploidy: When an organism has the regular chromosome number,example 46 numbers in humans, it is euploid.

Aneuploidy: When an organism has an abnormal number of chromosomes as in Down Syndrome,it is known as aneuploidy.

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The enlarged breast in men is called gynocomasta. The doctors are not very shure why it happens, but imbalance in the testosterone level can be one reason others can be drug abuse etc. The only solution is Surgery. General surgeon can perform the surgery under local anesthesia[ means injecting the chest are with a numming agent] and you will be released out in the same day. Liposuction is another good solution where the surgeon will pull out the fats form the breast using a surgical needle with a pipe attached to a pump and you will be released in a few hours after dressing. You have to be lying flat on the bed for one week wearing a belt and then after opening the stitches you will be asked to not pull weight for a month or so after that you will leave a normal life. But before surgery get in touch with doctors of the ENDOCRINOLOGY department will ask you to preform some blood tests and some scans to identify the cause of your problem- I AM A FORMER GYNACOMASTIYA PATIENT


I have Mosaic KS. My 1 year old daughter is genetically mine and was conceived naturally. Miracles do happen guys, keep faith.


10n God that is hope. but where u taking testosterone before u had ur daughter


Sorry, but this is a question rather than a comment. Can a person have their genetic profile tested to see if they may produce a child with klienfelters syndrome?


Hello have you been told you have KS [Klinefelters symdrome]and are you on the hormone injections yet , once you start the course of injections, which i have every 3 months for life , this means you wont be able to have children , due to the treatment kills the sperm , im 42 now and cant have children . but miricals do happen so my doctor tells me . hope this is of some interest Carl


I have only recently learned of KS. I have a 17 y/o son who exhibits many of the physical characteristics. Please help me if you know of a specialist in the Houston area who can assist.


hy im digvijay singh from Rajasthan, INDIA. im 22 ye old ,i have just recently noticed that i m having some kind of breast development and my body is shaping into likely to girls ,im a student of b.tech, i want to make my life but this is giving me trouble,, what should i do and where should i go .. to avoid these symptoms.


dude did u get solution for this? i'm also suffering from the same plz help me too

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