Research Suggests Entitlement Linked to Sexism in Both Genders

by Kathy Jones on Jun 9 2014 7:41 PM

 Research Suggests Entitlement Linked to Sexism in Both Genders
Entitled attitudes appear to be linked to sexism even among women, a new study has claimed.
The results stated that entitled men were more likely to support hostile views for women like manipulative, deceptive, and untrustworthy and in the case of entitled women, they tend to believe that they are fragile so men need to take care of them.

The research focused on two forms of sexism, hostile and benevolent and how feelings of entitlement might predict those roles differently for men and women.

Joshua Grubbs, lead author on the article 'Psychological Entitlement and Ambivalent Sexism: Understanding the Role of Entitlement in Predicting Two Forms of Sexism' said that when it is considered that entitlement has been shown to be rising across recent generations, linking it to sexist attitudes is particularly alarming.

He further explained that it has been definitely highlighted that how dangerous entitlement and hostile sexism can be in men and benevolent sexism can produce gender inequality.

The study is published in the journal Sex Roles.