by Rathi Manohar on  August 30, 2010 at 5:56 PM Sexual Health News
Pornography at Early Age Increases STD Risk Later On
Early exposure to the easily accessible pornographic material online could increase the risk of being infected with sexually transmitted diseases later on, states a new study.

"Children are becoming exposed to sex at an earlier age," The Sydney Morning Herald quoted Dr Patricia Weerakoon, co-ordinator of the University of Sydney's graduate program in sexual health, as saying.

The average age of first sexual intercourse for men and women has dropped from 19 in the 1960s to 16 today.

And the worry is that the earlier teenagers have sex, the more likely they are to have multiple partners and be exposed to the risk of sexually transmissible infections.

"A comprehensive, coordinated and evidence-based public health approach could help reduce rates of unplanned pregnancy, sexually transmissible infections and preventable infertility. These are just a few of the sexual and reproductive health issues a national strategy would address," Weerakoon said.

The proposed strategy would improve research, sex education and access to contraception.

Source: ANI

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