Over a Quarter of Men Lie About Their Affections During Sex

by Kathy Jones on Nov 4 2013 9:00 PM

 Over a Quarter of Men Lie About Their Affections During Sex
More than a quarter of men lie about their affection to their partners during sex compared to just over 6 percent of women, a new survey reveals.
The new survey by The Sunday Telegraph has peeked behind Australian bedroom doors and the results are certainly revealing.

But when it comes to putting on the waterworks, men and women were evenly split at 6.25 percent of respondents saying they had faked tears during sex.

About the same number of men (8.9 percent) and women (8.6 percent) have been pressured into a sexual activity they've later regretted.

The survey also found most of us lost our virginity aged 17, two-in-five or 40.3 percent have had a one-night stand - half of which weren't bothered by it in the morning - and 30 percent said it led to a relationship.

Remarkably, more men were willing to reveal their most intimate details, with 78.5 percent of respondents completing the survey male.

More than half or 52.4 per cent, of respondents said they faked "being in the mood" when responding to their partner's advances and interestingly it was men begrudgingly going along for the ride.

Almost a third or 32.5 per cent of men admitted they faked "being in the mood" compared to just 19.9 per cent of women.