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Malayalam Film on AIDS Focuses on Tech Savvy Couple
A Malayalam documentary film on HIV/AIDS will dwell on the story of a tech savvy couple becoming a victim of the disease. But "Kadalasupookkal" will send out a positive message.

Kerala-based Gemson Trust is all set to produce the 100-minute film. Based here, the trust's main objective is to provide support and care for HIV/AIDS affected single women and orphans.

George P. Sajith, the producer of the film, said the story is based on a tech savvy couple becoming the victim of HIV/AIDS. The film will have a Kerala perspective and all the actors will be new faces.

"It's about the psychological impact of the infection and how this young couple takes a positive outlook towards life and overcomes the trauma of the disease," Sajith told IANS.

India has over 2.5 million HIV/AIDS patients.

"The message is that HIV positive people too can lead a normal life and are not denied human rights," said Sajith. The film is to be shot in 35 mm.

Those associated with the film include popular film personalities like the director of the film, Tony Sukumaran, who has made films on socially relevant topics in the past.

The camera will be cranked by M.J. Radhakrishnan, a favourite of international award winning director Adoor Gopalakrishnan.

"All those who are associated with this film are doing it for free. The filming will begin in January and will be ready for release by April. The project is expected to cost Rs.5 million," added Sajith.

A few corporate houses and non-resident Keralites have expressed interest in cooperating in the project and the trust expects others also to chip in.

"An interesting aspect of the film is that it will delve into the realm of fading family values in modern Kerala and will have practically no shots of people on hospital beds," added Sajith.

Source: ANI

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