Chennai a “Beacon of Life and Hope ” !

by Hannah Punitha on Sep 24 2007 7:07 PM

Chennai a “Beacon of Life and Hope ” !
“Life Help Centre” has come forward to set up a special school for mentally challenged children in the Kashmir Valley which relieves the burden of parents of the mentally challenged in Kashmir.
I have never been so happy in life. We have been very depressed about the life of our child but today I feel relieved," said Qasi Nisar, a parent.

The school, which can accommodate 30 students, also has residential facilities.

According to the officials of the State's social welfare department, there are 40,000 disabled children in the State who suffer from various disabilities.

"There were no provisions for the mentally-challenged children. And the private sector, the NGOs have been working in this field for long. So, we wanted to promote and encourage them for their initiatives," said M.A. Masood, deputy director of the state's social welfare.

Recent surveys show that three percent of India's children are mentally challenged.

Though Indian laws make it mandatory for all schools to treat special children at par with the regular ones, many private-run institutes flout rules and there are many cases of such children being refused admission


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