"Bollywood Supports Gay Rights," Says Celina Jaitley

by VR Sreeraman on Jul 1 2009 12:00 PM

 "Bollywood Supports Gay Rights," Says Celina Jaitley
Bollywood actress and gay rights activist Celina Jaitley has said on Monday that Bollywood industry is in favor of the amendment of the controversial Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC), which terms homosexuality as a criminal offense.
Jaitley also said that many people from Bollywood and elsewhere in the country would come out openly if the Union Government repeals the Section 377 of IPC.

"Bollywood is very supportive and the day this article (section) is repealed, I am sure many people will come out openly in support of that and there are a lot of people in our industry who are from the sexual minority and they have given a lot to our industry," said Celina Jaitley.

She further said that the people generally do not support the cause openly since there is no prevailing law to protect them.

"If the Article (Section) 377 is amended, then many people will come out in support. How would people come out in support of the activity, which doesn't have the support of the law? Who will protect the people? I don't blame anyone for not supporting. People fear to support such an act, when there is no law to protect them," Celina Jaitley added.

The Union Home Ministry had earlier argued before the High Court that homosexuality is not accepted by Indian society and repealing Section 377 from the IPC would encourage more anti-social activities.

Section 377 of the IPC criminalizes 'carnal intercourse' against the order of nature.


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