6000-Calorie Breakfast Consumed in 26 Minutes

by Kathy Jones on Feb 10 2012 8:40 PM

 6000-Calorie Breakfast Consumed in 26 Minutes
Media reports indicate that a British diner finished off a gigantic 6,000 calories fry-up in just 26 minutes.
Robert Pinto traveled 125 miles from his home in Rutland in order to win the Kidz Breakfast culinary challenge.

Greasy spoon Jesters Diner in Southtown, Great Yarmouth, offers the 15 pounds meal for free to anyone who can finish it in under an hour, the Daily Mail reported.

Described as a 'heart attack on a plate', the 9lb Kidz Breakfast - named so because it weighs more than an average-sized newborn baby - was criticised by health campaigners for its size and high calorie content.

The mammoth meal comprises 12 bacon rashers, 12 sausages, six eggs, four slices of black pudding, four slices of bread and butter, four slices of toast, four slices of fried bread, beans, tomatoes, mushrooms, saute potatoes and an eight egg cheese and potato omelette - it is the calorific equivalent of two Christmas dinners or 12 Big Macs.

However, it was no competition for Pinto, who is already a record-breaking breakfast eater.

The 39-year-old holds the Guinness World Record for munching off another big breakfast at Mario's Cafe, in Bolton, in November 2011.

It took him just eight minutes and 46 seconds to finish that one. And last October he was also able to eat another behemoth breakfast in 13 minutes at the Hungry Hossee, in Corby, Northamptonshire.

But the Kidz Breakfast was Pinto's toughest challenge yet.

"It was a heart attack on a plate, to be honest it was pretty difficult especially with the fried bread which was literally covered in fat," he said.

"I always knew it could be done, but I don't think anyone else could do it, that shows by the fact it took me the longest to eat out of all the ones I have done.

"When I first saw it, I thought 'that looks pretty big', and I didn't know where to start, there was a lot of potato and it was quite dry compared to the others which I think is the reason why it took longer.

"I do have a system, I try to use the bread to make little sandwiches filled with the other ingredients and that helps it go down better," he said.

Pinto also divulged that his huge breakfast bashing does take its toll in the bathroom afterwards.

"It can be quite painful. But after I had that on Monday I went for five-mile run, went down the gym and had a swim, you have to keep healthy.

"It's all about the fruit and veg for me now for the rest of the week," he added.


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