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I have just ordered Zerodol-P [Aceclofenac-Paracetamol] from Internationaldrugmart website. It is indicated for relief from pain and inflammation associated with ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, dental pain, and rheumatoid arthritis.
sarafrye - India5/26/2016
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aceclofenac is body pain main bhi asar krti h
adil khan - India4/24/2017
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I am 70 year old. I have a stiff shoulder which shots low pain in turning arm in some positions. All other times and on a regular basis there is no pain, no reminder. I have been pxed this drug. I came to the site to see side effects of the drug. I think there are none to bother me as I am not showing signs of those conditions with a contra indication. However, I do not know how my doctor is using this for correction. This may take away pain but the basic malady may need investigation. I will check the status after 4-5 days.
vijay22pethe - India6/25/2014
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i am 16 yrs old last year i fell while playing which cause a disc displacement i tried many medicines but it is of no use now i i am taking this medicine
rahel - India11/20/2013
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I am taking this medicine for fever and throat infection since last 3 days. I have a history of angina, BP and high cholesterol. Should I continue this medicine or stop? I'm feeling indigestion and heaviness in chest since the time I'm taking this drug.
Neutron - India9/6/2013
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sir i am student of m pharmacy i am doing project of opthalamic in situ gel may i use aceclofenac for this purpose please suggest me sir,
kalyani26 - India4/4/2013
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My sister is suffering from Erythema nodosum and to get relieved from the pain and swelling in legs she has been prescribed ZIX-R whose API is aceclofenac.After a full dosage of 20 days she recurred the symptoms.I wanted to know whether the medication prescribed in this case is correct or not.Again upon consultation the doctor has prescribed metasin.I am a B.Pharm graduate so interested in every aspect of the medication.I hope i receive a reply soon.
joe.83 - India2/23/2012
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I am taking this medicine. I think drowsiness is the big side effect of this drug.
HITESH_CHAUHAN - India1/30/2012
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whether there is any adverse reaction on w.b.c or platlate count pls reply
antu123 - India5/30/2011
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can aceclofenac be prescribed to children in suspension form? if so what should be the strengh and dosage?
general - N/A4/25/2011
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