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, Foods that Help You Succeed
There are various situations in life where you have to make important decisions. Right from the start of the day to going back to bed at night, life is filled with decision-making moments. But, certain situations require critical decisions and that needs a clear cut vision and thinking ability. Here is a set of foods that helps to boost cognition when it comes to decision-making.

Job Interview

Job Interview, Foods that Help You Succeed
It is highly essential to eat a healthy food before the interview. Something that is easy to digest and also gives the needed energy to sustain throughout the interview without disturbing the intestines. Include foods such as lean proteins, soy proteins, green leafy vegetables and yogurt. These help to boost the self-confidence level, as they are all rich in essential amino acids that help with cognitive function.

Anger or Heated Arguments

Anger or Heated Arguments, Foods that Help You Succeed
It is normal human behavior to feel angry or to get into a heated argument. To calm down is the first step in bringing down anger rather than venting it out the wrong way. Researches have found that omega-3 deficiency can trigger anger. An intake of fish rich in omega-3 and walnuts with high zinc content helps control anger. Also, sipping green tea helps to lower the anger threshold as green tea leaves contain the amino acid theanine that helps to calm the senses and maintain concentration.

Taking Important Decisions

Taking Important Decisions, Foods that Help You Succeed
It is important that you have a clear mind before you take any big decisions. Clear-cut focus needs to be maintained. Researchers from the University of Toronto have suggested taking yogurt, as the lactobacillus present in yogurt helps to improve mental clarity and reduce anxiety thus improving decision-making capability. Yogurt also contains zinc and iodine that improves brain functioning and helps you get into the right frame of mind.


Examination, Foods that Help You Succeed
Exams can be the most anxious time for students. They need to have good levels of energy both physically as well as mentally to perform well in the exams. Foods such as nuts, yogurt, cereals, fish, dry fruits and eggs help improve concentration and also prevent loss of energy during exam time. Foods rich in sugar, caffeine, and alcohol, should be avoided, as they block brain functioning.

First Date

First Date, Foods that Help You Succeed
You just have to look your best and be confident while going out on your first date. Chamomile tea is the first food of choice as it helps ease the anxiousness associated with the big day. This tea can also bring down the pre-meeting jitters as it has a calming effect on the human system. Do not eat foods that give you bad breath or that makes you burp every few minutes lest your date turns out to be a nightmare.


Wedding, Foods that Help You Succeed
You have to look and feel your best on your wedding day - the "D" day, the most important and memorable day in your life. And of course, you are nervous. It is important to avoid foods that cause bloating or upset your stomach. Eat more of fruits and vegetables with yogurt. Coffee can be taken in moderation. These foods not only provide the energy needed for the day but also help your skin glow and make you look great.

Trying to Conceive

Trying to Conceive, Foods that Help You Succeed
The happiest moment for a couple is when they get pregnant. In order to achieve optimum chance for getting pregnant one needs to add some foods to their diet that gives them increased chances to conceive. Oysters are the first food of choice as it contains high levels of zinc that improves and sustains libido. It also helps to prevent infertility in both men and women. Including ice creams, green leafy vegetables, salmons and nuts to your diet helps improve ovulation and prevent infertility issues in women.

Relationship Breakdown

Relationship Breakdown, Foods that Help You Succeed
It can be stressful when a relationship breaks down. One may go into a depression and to come out of it can be an uphill task. Right diet can help to boost the mood and break out of the low. The first choice of food is oily fish and nuts that are rich in omega-3 fatty acids and vitamin B12, both of which help regulate mood by improving the secretion of serotonin. Yogurt also helps to calm the mind.


Pregnancy, Foods that Help You Succeed
Research has shown a wide array of cognitive deficits including attention, learning and memory, associated with malnutrition in early childhood and delayed development in children whose mother consumed inadequate nutrition during pregnancy. So, it is very important to have balanced meal comprising sufficient protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in the diet during pregnancy.


Sports, Foods that Help You Succeed
Whether it is depth perception or reaction speed skills for hockey or team coordination skills of rowing or focused attention for archery, cognitive skills are extremely important where sports are concerned. Choose fruits and vegetables of different colors such as tomatoes, pomegranates, red bell peppers, squash, bananas, oranges, yams spinach, broccoli, peas and plums. The mix and match of colors will give you a combination of antioxidants that help boost cognitive skills.

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