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Binge Eating : The Pleasure and Pain

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Binge Eating - Sneak Peek

The immortal lines by William Shakespeare, "If music be the food of love, play on" can be slightly modified to read as, "If food be the love of people, eat on".

Binge Eating

Dazed by this maze?!!? Don't be! The reason is that there exist some people; and more so between us; who live to eat and not eat to live!! To them food is the be-all and end-all.

So I am sure after this philosophical description, amalgamated with the scientific information, your appetite for this subject would have increased. Therefore, without further delay here comes the main course, oops! The main bone of contention that is 'Emotional or Binge Eating'.

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I am a 41 year old mum with 2 DS and DH. I have been suffering from Binge Eating Disorder since I was a primary school, probably around the age of 8 or 9 from looking at photos. I was a plump child and my mum put me on my first diet at 14 and I think there lies the problem! I have been on WW, SW and a few other faddy type diets and not unsurprisingly I gained weight after each of these failed. I am now about 3-4 stone overweight and have just totally given up on trying to actually lose weight, at the moment I would just be happy not putting any more on. Above all and even above the weight and body image issues, I would just like to be able to stop Binge Eating as it is seriously screwing up my life and getting in the way of work and family life. I binge eat almost every day at the moment and the emotional and financial impact is becoming serious now not to mention the health implications. Thankfully, I am no longer bulimic, so that is indeed a victory but I am still left with the Binge Eating Disorder [BED]. xxx :-)

LouLouD123 Wednesday, June 20, 2012

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