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Bhujangasana means a snake. In this asana, the body attains the shape of a raised-hood, the stance of a snake. It is a very rejuvenating

exercise. Yoga exercises help to gather attention, thus causing regeneration of the entire body by developing a favorable mental state. It banishes fatigue in the muscles. In this asana, the upper, middle and lower muscles of the spine are massaged.

They increase flexibility in the spinal column. In this posture, the muscles are slowly and gradually stretched into the final position. In this asana, when we try to bring the back of the head and the feet in contact, care should be taken not to force

the stretch. Listen to the body and know your limit. Be aware of the sensations in the body during the asana.

Steps to follow (Bhujangasana) :

1. Lie on your belly on the floor.
2. Place your forehead on the floor with palms by the side of the trunk.
3. Slowly inhale lifting the head and trunk back from the floor.
4. While raising the trunk, straighten the elbows by pressing the palms on the floor.
5. Keep the legs perpendicular to the ground by bending the knees and exhale.

6. Remove the left arm off the floor and clasp the left knee, by applying pressure on the right hand.
7. Maintain this position for several deep breaths and exhale slowly while lowering your body and bringing your arms against the body and relax.

Benefits :

# It is a very rejuvenating exercise.
# It cures back and shoulder problems.
# Those who practice this asana maintain their youth and vitality.

Disclaimer For Yoga Exercise:

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Mahyesh, India

how long we need to sit in this Asana daily. Is there specific time?

Lalita-aol, India

Great post...padmasana pose is also very helpful for backbone.

san_b, India

Was very perfect and appropriate.

soni.gupta, India

Nice, The meaning of Bhujangasana is well explained
The steps given are simple and clear.
The benefits are also clear to all.

Soni gupta

nicekid, United Arab Emirates

don u think u should mention about breath out too?