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Yoga is a time tested (5000 year old) therapy, to heal the body, mind and soul. Relaxation, reduced stress and a tension free life are the precious gifts that yoga generously bestows upon a sincere practitioner.

What is arthritis?

In the literal sense, arthritis is “Joint Inflammation’’. Inflammation is indicated by stiffness, swelling, redness or warmth in the joints. Any part of the body can become painful due to arthritis. Typically, when one suffers from arthritis,these symptoms are exhibited

  1. Apparent loss of flexibility in a joint

  2. Extreme fatigue

  3. Lack of energy

The usual tendency of a patient with arthritic joint pain is, to avoid physical activity and simply rest. Patients need to understand that without exercise, the joints tend to become stiff and lose flexibility and range of motion. People suffering from arthritis resort to expensive drugs to relieve the pain. Sometimes, they go in search of novel diets and therapy to help them feel stronger. Affliction of the disease renders them helpless in times of excruciating pain.

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JoelThomas, India

I never knew these facts and figures about Yoga. After reading this post, I am now well-versed with the concept as well as study of Yoga.

sarachikku, United Arab Emirates

Please add photos for each asanaa

sonam, India

This asana is what made me relaxed and free from any respiratory difficulty. i am really happy..