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Neck Exercises as Therapy

The neck is given special importance by both acupressure specialists and yoga therapists. Acupressure meridians travel through the neck and when these meridians are affected the energy does not travel freely, causing stiff neck, sore throat and swollen glands.

Similarly, yoga practitioners say that the nerves travel through the neck to eyes, ears and brain. A spinal misalignment in the neck can cause vision and hearing problems as well as headaches and poor sleep. Secondly, since major blood vessels pass through the neck to the brain, a neck misalignment can put pressure on the blood vessels and reduce the blood flow to the brain.

Neck Roll

Neck-roll exercises can ease tension in the neck region and normalize the situation.

  • Turn the head to the right and back to normal. Then turn to the left and back to normal.
  • Bend the head to the left as if you are pulling the left ears to the left shoulder. Then bend to the right as if pulling the right ears to the right shoulder.
  • Rotate the neck slowly to the left and then to the right (also known as Brahma mudra)
    Depending upon the ailments, one can practice asanas.

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nimboopv24, India

I would like to know any cure for spondilitis problem

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The information is very useful and we can follow these simple practices and keep our health fit.