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Mudra meditation is part of yoga practice and by doing mudras one can activate pressure points to heighten the healing effects.

All the five fingers represent five elements namely- fire, air, sky, earth and water. The thumb represents the fire-element and the index finger-the air. The middle finger represents the Sky whereas the ring finger-the Earth. The Little finger represents the Water element. When a finger representing an element comes into contact with thumb an electro magnetic effect is created.

Pran mudra activates the earth (ring finger) element and water (little finger) element. This mudra empowers the eyes.

Surya Mudra activates the earth (ring finger) element and helps in reducing body weight.

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nimboopv24, India

I would like to know any cure for spondilitis problem

malaraj, India

The information is very useful and we can follow these simple practices and keep our health fit.