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Gangnani: This place is famous for its hot water springs. Many famous mountain peaks can be seen from here. Gangotri is 53 kms from here. After a long journey, a dip in one of the hot pools removes all signs of tiredness. This place seems to be quite popular with the English people.

Bhairon Valley: On the Uttarkashi road, 9 kms away this is close to where the rivers Bhagirathi and Jat Ganga meet. The main attraction here is the temple of Bhairavnath.

Gaumukh Glacier: 18 km from Gangotri , this is where the Ganges rises. The river Bhagirathi has its springs here. Gaumukh is at the height of 4200 mts above sea level. The most important thing to remember is that this place is not very difficult to cover by foot. The road that passes through the valleys is not at a slope. The river Ganges flows besides the road constantly.

The whole route way is surrounded by deodar, birch and padma trees. If one starts walking early in the morning taking the straight road, one reaches a camp called Cheedvasa 10 kms later. There are many shops here for utilities. 4 kms later is the Bhojvasa camp (3792 mts). Here there is a tourist guest house, Lalbihari Ashram and a few lodges. A canteen is available for food.

After visiting Gaumukh tourists stop here for the night. Gaumukh is just 4 kms from Bhojvasa. From beneath a massive cave in Gaumukh, Ganges is born in the form of a stream. The snow-covered scenery here is a feast to the eyes .In the background of the glacier the collective peaks look very majestic. Between the Gangotri and Gaumukh one finds many shops that serve hot tea, cool drinks, Indian food and other snacks. On rare occasions deer can be seen around Bhojvasa.
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