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Latest Publications and Research on Groin Pain - Symptom Evaluation

Int J Surg  2020 Jan 28  

Comparing large pore lightweight mesh versus small pore heavyweight mesh in open mesh plug repair of primary and recurrent unilateral inguinal hernia - A questionnaire study for a retrospective analysis of a cohort of elective groin hernia patients using propensity score matching.

Krauß M, Heinzel-Gutenbrunner M, Krönung L, Hanisch E, Buia A

For surgical treatment of inguinal hernia, large-pore, lightweight mesh has been shown to offer advantages over small-pore, heavyweight options in ter... Read More

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J Clin Orthop Trauma    

Total hip arthroplasty for Protrusio Acetabuli in a young adult Osteogenesis Imperfecta features and Marfanoid features: A case report.

Ajlouni JM, Isleem UN, Al Elaumi AE

Osteogenesis Imperfecta is an inherited disease characterized by easily-broken bones, which manifests as multiple fractures with minimal trauma, joint... Read More

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J Clin Orthop Trauma    

Cement-in-cement revision with the Exeter Short Revision Stem: A review of 50 consecutive hips.

Berg AJ, Hoyle A, Yates E, Chougle A, Mohan R

Revision of a well-fixed cemented femoral stem is technically challenging. The Exeter Short Revision Stem (SRS) was developed to facilitate cement-in-... Read More

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Ann Plast Surg  2020 Jan 29  

Retroperitoneal Approach for Ilioinguinal, Iliohypogastric, and Genitofemoral Neurectomies in the Treatment of Refractory Groin Pain After Inguinal Hernia Repair.

Gangopadhyay N, Pothula A, Yao A, Geraghty PJ, Mackinnon SE

Inguinal hernia repair is one of the most commonly performed surgical procedures. Postoperative neuropathic groin pain is a potentially disabling comp... Read More

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Surg Innov  2020 Jan 29  

Tension-Free Mesh Repair for Incarcerated Groin Hernia: A Comparative Study.

Chen F, Liu M, Jin C, Wang F, Shen Y, Zhao F, Chen J

Background. Management of emergent groin hernias remains challenging, due to limited consensus in surgical approach and repair options (eg, mesh vs no... Read More

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