References for Facial Swelling - Symptom Evaluation

Author: Dr. Simi Paknikar

Editor: Sheela Philomena

Technically Checked by: Lingaraj


silvergramma Saturday, October 11, 2014

I get swelling over my right eye and under it every morning when I wake up. It goes down some during the day, but my eyelids droops badly from the swelling of the skin around it. I have had 2 cat scans and 1 MR. I have been to a neuro doctor and an opto eye doctor. I am again on Cipro antibiotics with it not helping. It has totally changed the right side of my face....What can this be?

loveismyreligion Friday, September 20, 2013

My left side of my upper and lower lip swelled at approx. 6:45 AM suddenly and spread to my full lower lip within approx. 1/2 hour. I was feeling pretty well rested, had ate A LOT of sweets [candy bars and cookies] within the past 48 hours and had brand new raspberries from the grocery store which I love and have eaten many times before. The swelling has lasted for now 9 hours and stabilized as I write this, but the swelling has not gone down in my lips. I did notice a small cold sore that I did not have before and I did notice I was touching the inside of my mouth where it is swollen early this morning, but do not know if the swelling happened immediately afterward or not.

Advancells Sunday, September 22, 2013

Hi there. Yes, it's quite alarming to notice the swelling especially if it lasts for many hours. Did you visit the doctor by any chance and what about the medication part?

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