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Dysuria | Painful Micturition | Painful Urination - Symptom Evaluation

Last Updated on Jun 21, 2017
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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctor treats dysuria?

Dysuria is treated by an urologist.

2. What is the difference between increased frequency and urgency in urination?

Increased frequency is the need to urinate much more often than normal, sometimes every one to two hours. Urgency refers to a sudden and overwhelming need to urinate due to which the patient finds it extremely difficult to hold back urine till he/she can reach a bathroom.

3. Can a man have discharge from a urinary tract infection?

Infection of the urethra can cause discharge in males as well. Gonococcal infection causes excessive pus-filled discharge, while other infections like Chlamydial infections usually cause mucus-like discharge.

4. Why are diabetes patients prone to urinary tract infections?

Diabetes patients are prone to urinary tract infections due to the high glucose content of their urine and the lowered immunity. Diabetes also predisposes to complications of the urinary tract that could predispose to urinary tract infections.

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If caused by a bacteria infection of the bladder, dysuria can lead to a kidney infection which can lead to sepsis, which is life threatening and can also cause permanent damage to the kidneys. If a patient is told their pain is just psychogenic and this happens, that patient can't get their health or life back. Psychosomatic diagnoses seem harmless, but are incredibly violent.


To List Depression and Anxiety as potential causes of a clearly organic and very serious condition is an act of violence against patients, particularly female ones. [Hysteria is a gendered diagnosis.] These types of disgusting, sexist, pseudoscientific, and evidence-less claims cannot be allowed to continue in healthcare! Patients die because of them, become gravely or chronically ill, or suffer needlessly. There is no scientific way to “determine the presence” of psychogenic causes. The diagnosis of psychogenic cause is made solely based on the fact that "no other cause can be found"-which in real terms often means doctors just haven't put in enough effort to find them. Many widespread testing measures are not accurate enough to detect most illnesses and have high false negative rates; Many bacteria that cause urological problems are hard to culture and therefore cause patients to have normal test results despite persisting symptoms. There is no place for laziness in the field of medicine! Giving up on patients who require the slightest bit of effort slapping them with false mental health diagnoses is a barbaric practice that hurts everyone- patients, doctors, and science itself, because it allows gross misinformation to influence medical professionals' decisions and treatment protocols, which have lasting devastating effects on people and healthcare.

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