Last Updated on Jul 31, 2019

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Whom do I consult for diarrhea?

Consult a general physician if you have diarrhea. You may be referred to a gastroenterologist if necessary.

2. Is it normal to have diarrhea during pregnancy?

Diarrhea is common in pregnancy due to hormonal changes or in women who reach term. But it is not always considered normal because diarrhea in pregnancy can also occur due to infection.

3. What is osmotic diarrhea?

Osmotic diarrhea is because of the water retention in the gut due to poor absorption of certain substances. The volume of the stool is more than 1 liter per day due to osmotic diarrhea.

4. Can diarrhea cause dehydration?

Diarrhea can lead to dehydration. It is important to rehydrate to prevent complications from dehydration.

5. How to prevent diarrhea?

Infectious diarrhea can be prevented with a proper hand wash with soap before eating. Food should be well cooked, and water should be purified. Raw foods should be washed well before consumption.

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