Frequently Asked Questions

1. Which doctors treat patients with decreased consciousness?

Patients with decreased consciousness are treated by a neurologist or a neurosurgeon.

2. How does an increase or decrease in blood glucose affect brain function?

A decrease in blood glucose levels deprives the brain of its nourishment. On the other hand, a high glucose level makes the blood hypertonic and dehydrates the brain of its water content, thus affecting the level of consciousness.

3. Is breathing affected in coma?

Breathing is often affected in coma with the breathing becoming too fast, too slow or too deep or irregular. The abnormal patterns of breathing may be repeated at regular intervals.

4. What is the Glasgow Coma scale?

The Glasgow Coma scale is a measure of the level of consciousness of a head-injury patient. It assesses the patient based on certain responses eye opening, verbal response and motor response i.e. movement of limbs. A score of 3 to 8 indicates severe brain damage.


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Consciousness Decreased

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