1. Which doctor should I visit in case I suffer from seizures?

You should visit a neurologist in case you suffer from seizures.

2. If a parent suffers from epilepsy, will the child also suffer from epilepsy?

If the parent suffers from epilepsy, quite often the child does not suffer from epilepsy. It all depends on the type and cause of epilepsy in the parent. For example, if the parent suffers from a particular genetic epilepsy which can be inherited, the child may also suffer from that epilepsy.

3. Why should seizures be prevented?

Seizures result in brain damage. Thus, by preventing repeated seizures by using medications, we can prevent long-term damage to the brain.


sha9164 Thursday, July 17, 2014

A seizures patients can go for gym?? There is any problems in that??? Because I suffered from seizures in past 2years, I mean in the year December 2011 and now I am taking torvate 300 tablet so now I am fine.... So if you suggest... may I go for gym or not???

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