Last Updated on Nov 17, 2014


Ankle joint: The ankle joint is a complex junction where the bones of the foot and the leg meet.

Achilles tendon: One of the longest tendons in the body, it attaches the calf muscles to the heel bone.

Ankle edema: Ankle edema also known as peripheral edema is a swelling over either one or both ankles

Arthritis: A disease marked by inflammation and pain in the joints

Bursitis: Inflammation of a bursa due to excessive pressure or friction, or from injury

Gout: A condition in which excess uric acid may lead to arthritis and kidney stones.

Tarsal tunnel syndrome: Tarsal tunnel syndrome is a condition where the patient suffers from symptoms like a burning or tingling sensation, numbness and a sharp, electric-type pain that radiates usually downwards from the inner side of the ankle

MRI: A sophisticated test that provides in-depth images of organs and structures in the body.

CT scan: A diagnostic imaging technique in which a computer reads x-rays to create a three-dimensional map of soft tissue or bone.

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