References for Ankle Edema / Ankle Swelling

Author: Dr. Simi Paknikar

Editor: Sheela Philomena

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jphelps Monday, April 14, 2014

My name is Jimmy and I'm 30 yrs old. One night I went to sleep in my chair sitting up. The next morning my ankles and feet were swollen. I figured it would just pass but it's been 2 months and they are still swollen. I am on medication that has a side effect for swelling feet but I have been on the same med and th same dose of med for 2 Yrs. Never had a problem before. I also get liver checks every six months all normal. Blood pressure is also fine. If anybody has any thoughts please let me know it's starting to worry me.

Thorn Friday, November 8, 2013

Hi, I am a 44 year old woman who has been very healthy my whole life. However, just 2 years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure and am now on Lisnopril. My mother, grand mother, sister and father also have/had HBP. Family History; HBP, Cancer, Heart Attachs, Heart Disease and Type II. Diabetes, Diverticulitus [Sp?] have either been chronic or fatal issues with my family. For the better part of 4 months now I have been experiencing sever swelling in my upper and lower abdomen, ankles, feet and behind my knees. But especially my feet and ankles! To the point if I even wear socks for an hour there is a deep indention and ring almost to the bone. Also, I have a problem with my palms itching and tingling and / or going numb. Now, I have a weird rash in the back of my neck and up into my hairline. ( Nothing new introduced to be an allergic reaction.) So there you have it....I'M A MESS! Huh? All joking aside, I feel wore out all the time now and have become weak and over weight. I just want to feel better and be myself again. Any help, direction or suggestions would be a blessing and thank you in advance for anything you may offer. God Bless, Taryn

Amb81 Sunday, September 29, 2013

I have a swollen right foot and ankle with some pain on the underside of the foot and in the ankle area.I've had X-rays and. blood tests and nothing has shown up as to the cause.I'm 81 years old.Any ideas what is my problem?

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